Complaints Procedure

Preliminary Stage

Most concerns and complaints are best dealt with informally at this first stage. If a parent has any concerns, they should discuss them with their child’s class teacher and/or Deputy Headteacher at the earliest opportunity, to clarify the fact and resolve through discussion.

Stage 2 Formal

If a parent feels that a concern has not been adequately addressed through discussion with the Class Teacher and/or Deputy Headteacher, the parent will be asked to put their complaint in writing to the Headteacher. The complaint will be formally acknowledged within 3 school days. An investigation will be conducted and the outcome communicated in writing within 20 school 4 days. If longer time is required this will be explained. The Headteacher may delegate the task of collating the information regarding the investigation to another staff member but not the decision on the action to be taken. The written response will include a full explanation of the decision and the reasons for it. Where appropriate this will include what action the school will take to resolve it. The Headteacher will ensure parents are clear about the action to be taken and what to do if they remain dissatisfied.

Stage 3 Formal

If the matter still cannot be resolved the Headteacher will invite the parent to write to the Chair of Governors. The parent should state the nature of the complaint and the steps they have taken so far to resolve it. The Chair of Governors will try to acknowledge the written complaint within two days of receipt. The Chair of Governors will instigate an investigation, reviewing the way in which the complaint has been handled by the School and ensure that the issues have been dealt with properly and fairly. He/she will normally write to the parent with the Governors’ response within 10 school days of receiving the complaint.

Stage 4 Formal

If the parent is not satisfied with the result they may refer their complaint to the fourth stage of the formal procedure. A panel of three Governors from the Governing Body’s Complaints Committee will meet to consider the complaint and make a decision about it on behalf of the Governing Body. The panel will consist of Governors who have no detailed prior knowledge of the complaint, or any connection with the complainant. The meeting will normally take place within 20 school days of the parent’s request. The parent will have the opportunity to submit written evidence before the panel meets and also to attend part of the panel’s meeting, accompanied by a friend/partner is wished, to put their case. The Headteacher and/or relevant members of staff will be given the same opportunities. The panel will write to the parent with its decision within five working days of the meeting. The decision and recommendations of the Complaints Committee will be sent as soon as possible to all parties. The committee’s decision is final.

Monitoring and Review

The Chair of Governors will monitor the complaints procedure in order to ensure that all complaints are handled properly. The Governors record all formal complaints and how they are resolved. These are recorded in Governors minutes.

The Complaints Co-ordinator is: The Minster Nursery and Infant School: Mrs Stephanie Edmonds