Dear Parents/Carers,

I write to you regarding attendance. As a school we are dedicated to securing the best possible outcomes for all of our children. Attendance plays a huge part in this. Mrs Edmonds has been delighted to see real signs of improvement for many of our families. As we continue to work closely with you all to improve attendance across the whole school it has been decided that we will begin an Attendance Raffle.

What does this mean?
All children that have achieved 100% attendance in a rolling two-week period (depending on term times) will be entered in to the Attendance Raffle which will be chosen at random. The first name drawn will receive a £40 Sainsbury’s Gift Card. From this list of children, we will also choose the ‘best improved’, who will receive a £20 Sainsbury’s Gift Card.

We currently have 269 children on roll, 152 children achieved 100% attendance in the two-week period from 17/4/2023 – 28/4/23.

  • Magpies had 20 children with 100%
  • Sparrows had 19 children with 100%
  • Doves had 18 children with 100%

The first raffle has been drawn today, the winner will be announced in the next Newsletter. The next raffle will be drawn on May 15th 2023 for the period 3/5/23 up to and including 12/5/23.

Good luck!

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